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Archive of News and Updates

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Huntington Appology

Sunday, 29th Nov.

I'd like to appologise to my clients at Huntington for leaving two days early after having assured them that I would be there selling for the entire festival. I had a medical problem early Saturday morning and had to pull out. Please contact me if you had a pot you were intested in purchasing or come to the Christmas sale on the weekend of the 5th and 6th December.

Winter Has Passed

Tuesday, 15th Sep.

More Travels
At last the winter months seem to have left us behind. I know it has been a very mild winter but I do much preferr the warmer times of the year. I have been keeping my self entertained by firing with Chester Nealie and then just last week with my friend in Victoria Su Hanna.I have yet to see the pots from that firing but feel sure there will be some good results. It was interesting to travel to Bendigo where Su is based. I have never been to that part of Victoria before and was very admiring of the architecture of Bendigo or at least the little I saw of it. It looks like a beautiful city. While we were there we took the opportunity to visit Kylie and Hayden and the first family grand child Matilda. Now that is one of lifes greats. On our way home we stopped in Canberra over night and went to see Owen Ryes show at the Watson Pottery Centre.Well worth a look and then went out to a place called Stathnarne [ not sure about the spelling] to see Owen who is in Canberra for 3 weeks. Don and I had a good prowl around all the kilns there as I desperatly want a wood kiln of my own . I am having alot of trouble choosing which type to build. Too much choice I suspect!!

Exhibtion in Braidwood

Tuesday, 23rd Jun.

Jug Show
Wood fired jug
Wood fired jug
I will be part of a group exhibtition at Studio Alterburg in Wallace St Braidwood in July. The show will be opened by Gail Nichols and looks like it will be very interesting with a broad selection of work on show. It is about jugs. Wonderful things they are. I enjoy making them very much and using them in a number of get along if you can.

Busy Times

Sunday, 17th May.

Nearly There
I have almost finished an unbelievably busy month or so. Not to say that it hasn't been extremely enjoyable.Started with a wonderful invitation to the races at Randwick for the Autumn Carnival. Oh I do love going to the races. So that was really good fun . Then my Aunt Bet turned 100,so cousins out from U.K.and many family gatherings and lots of late nights and very good fun. Don and I have also been up at Mooramaju fixing up the lovely house that we have on 14 acres and trying desparatly to work out how we can afford to have two houses going rather than let the house to a tennant. Not possible at this stage but how spoilt for choice are we. Two lovely places to live. At this stage we will remain in the mountains. It is so, so dry up there no water in the creek so the garden is dead such a shame. There used to be a great lawn all around the house, but the last tennant had ponies and the nieghbor has goats ,need I say more. This week we will finish all repairs and put in new carpet. Then I will go out to janet Mansfiels to help fire her racer kiln and when that is finished that should be the end of our madness for the time being. I did fire the kiln last week and that seems to have been a reasonable success. I haven't really had a good look at it yet as I have been doing an Advanced Fire Fighters course this weekend and that was really great I just have to knuckle down and study some of the new skills shown to us so I pass the assessment in about 6 weeks.

The Last Few Months.

Saturday, 20th Sep.

Firings and Shows
The last few months in the lead up to my show in Melbourne were very busy. I must thank Bill Samuels and Janet Mansfield who both kindly offered me large amounts of space in their kilns and allowed me to fire with them and have some very beautiful pieces to take to the show I had at Skepsi Gallery in Melbourne in August. We fired out at Bills in all kinds of weather. The first day was very cold and raining and then fined up to be breath takingly shiny bright and warm[ after the sun came up] I got some beautiful soft fired tea dust bottles, a stunning chun vase and some beautiful soft fired chun bowls that sold before I could even clean them up properly. Also out of that firing came a facetted vase fired hot in a sagger so it had glorious glaze quality and all sorts of things going on with chrystal growth in some spots. That is of course why I find wood firing such a blast . Shortly after that I went to Gulgong and fired with Janet Mansfield and Judy Boydell. That was a 40 hour firing and fired much hotter than Bills kiln. From out of the back of that kiln I got what I felt were some of the best pots I have ever made. The tea dust was varied all over some of the bowls and two Chun jugs that really made me swoon. The glaze quality was just wonderful. I really cant thank those two generous people enough, and of course the other kiln firers who helped with those firings. After the opening at Skepsi and giving a workshop for Ceramics Victoria, Don and I went out to Gippsland to fire with Owen Rye. That was wonderful as ever and it was good to meet up with Su Hanna again and to meet Sue Acheson , Bruce Pryor and an American lass Cilla all of whom were involved with the firing. It is such a team effort a 5 day firing. Made my way home over the Snowy Mountains. What a fabulous drive. So here I am preparring for Huntington and the Christmas Sale with one more wood firing for the year with Chester and I am looking forward to that. Have a new computer coming in the next week or so, so hopefully I will get on top of my image problem and be able to post some up.

Lost Mailing list

Thursday, 24th Jul.

Today 24th July 2008 I lost my enitre mailing list and no I hadn't backed it up for a couple of years and I can't find that disc. I have been putting the list together since 1991. If you wish to be on my list or have been could you please email your postal address to This is not very good timing as the show in Melbourne opens on the 15th August at Skepsi Gallery.

Cudgegong Gallery Show

Tuesday, 4th Dec.

Fire and Water
Cudgegong Gallery are showing my pots in a solo exhibtion which will last the summer season. It is a wonderful Gallery and the pots look very beautiful in there. Always a pleasant suprise to see them out of the workshop and properly lit and given space to speak for themselves.

Kings Studio Gallery

Wednesday, 3rd Oct.

Current Show
Kings Gallery Studio in delightful Milton on the south coast of N.S.W. the "Escape Art Fest" They are having a Scuplture show and tied in with that a pottery show of which I am part. Also showing on the pottery front are Chester Nealie, Daniel Lafferty, Su Hanna, Simon Bowley, Clarissa Regan, Vicky Robinson and the Nulladulla Potters. The address of the Gallery is 328 Princes Hwy Milton( midway between Milton and Ulladulla).

Head down and tail up

Saturday, 4th Aug.

Back to Reality

Having returned from China 2 months ago I have had to settle down and work quite hard to pull together an exhibition for the Freeland Gallery. That is not to say that I didn't have the nuts and bolts together before I left. China was wonderful. Alot of challenging work and being away from all that is familiar. The food and care of us while we were in Fuping was fabulous. We were invited to return to work if we so desire and I may easily take up that wonderful invitation at some time in the future. After my return I travelled down to Victoria to fire with Owen Rye and a week after returning from there I travelled to Gulgong to fire with Janet Mansfield. I had some beautiful pots come out of both firings and they will be on Show at the Freeland Gallery in September.

China Trip

Monday, 5th Mar.

Its Really Going to Happen
Last year a group of potters were invited to China and I was one of them. The rest of the group are Janet Mansfield, Chester Nealie, Owen Rye and I think Steve Williams may be joining us as well. The other day I booked and paid for my ticket and today I started with my innoculations so it really is happening. I am wildly excited about it as I have never been away overseas to work before. I am also feeling a bit tentative about it because I will be very out of my comfort zone as far as work goes, let alone everything thing else to do with travel.Still what a fantastic opportunity and it kind of closes a circle in my life. My father lived and worked as a seaman in China before and during the revolution. It was there he became interested in Pottery and now all these years later I will be in China to make pots for a month. The pots we make are to be put into the Australasian Museum at Fu Ping, which is near Xian in central China. There is a web site. If you google up FLICAM you will find all the information there.
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