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Susie McMeekin, Gail Nichols and Geoff Thomas . All members of the NSW Rural Fire Brigade showing at Kerrie Lowe Gallery opening 11th October 2013 at 6pm King St, Newtown
Susie in her workshop. Image by Carole Hampshire
Susie in her workshop. Image by Carole Hampshire

Susie McMeekin is a potter of 25 years experience. She lives in Katoomba in The Blue Mountains about 100 kilometres west of Sydney, Australia.

Susie is one of the few second-generation potters in Australia. She is one of two daughters of Ivan McMeekin distinguished Australian potter. He was the founder of the Sturt pottery workshop Mittagong and a founding member of Potters Society of Australia. Susie started working with her Dad in 1978.

She works in Porcelain and Stoneware. Concentrating on only a few glazes, Chun, Celadon, Tea Dust and Ying Ching.

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing my work or wish to visit my Katoomba (NSW) showroom/studio.

Phone/Fax: 02 4782 4517

Hanna, McMeekin

Saturday, 8th Aug.

Exhibition Darlinghurst.
Su Hanna and I are having a very informal exhibition at the Mansfield Gallery in Darlinghurst Rd, Dsrlinghurst opening on the 15th August 2015

New Workshop

Wednesday, 18th Feb.

New workshop
Apologies that I have been so quiet on the web. Plans are moving on for the new workshop in Katoomba but getting it right for the council is proving time consuming and a little frustrating. None the less we are , as they say, moving forward.

Closing the Gulgong Workshop

Friday, 7th Feb.

After years of agonising we have decided to close the Gulgong workshop and sell the farm. It is a big wrench but the farm needs to be lived in and loved by someone who cares for it. Time to move on.

Blue Mountains Fires

Sunday, 27th Oct.

Christmas Sale
Some of you may not be aware of the fact that I am a Deputy Captain in one of the Blue Mountains Rural Fire Brigades. I belong to South Katoomba Brigade. We are at present involved in a large campaign fire up here and until Saturday I had been out on the fire ground for 9 days. Cosequently my preparation for my annual Christmas sale has been badly halted. We will be going ahead with the sale on the 7th and 8 th December but there will not be many rice bowls or small jugs. There will be plenty of work for sale but I was just making bowls and jugs for the sale when the fires came along. Hope to see you here in December.

Oh Dear

Tuesday, 8th Oct.

I Have Been Very Remiss
Copper Red Dish
Copper Red Dish
Apologies to any one who keeps looking at this site and getting the same old images and news. I have been very remiss for the last year or so. I shall pick myself up and get on with keeping the web site up to date. I have a show at the Kerrie Lowe Gallery opening on Friday night and there are some beautiful pots in the exhibition. I hope you can make it . Opening 11th October at 6pm. 49 King St Newtown

Some pots go a long way from home

Thursday, 4th Aug.

Who ever would have thought
A couple of lovely ying ching tea cups have gone to the British Royal family as a gift from the Australian Duke of Edinburgh Awards.
Celadon Lidded jar
East and West Show
Wave Jar
Royal Gift
Dinner Plates
What a great Night
new celadon double gourds
Hanna firing
Some Results from the Su Hanna Firing

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